Purana Qila

Stoically standing in the placid vicinity of Indraprastha, Purana Qila or the Old Fort is a masterpiece of the ancient glory and sterling architecture of the bygone Mughal Empire, and is one of the oldest forts in Delhi. Built on the banks of river Yamuna and spread over a vast 1.5 kms of area, the monument has tons of myths and legends of the medieval era attached to it. The most interesting of which suggests that the historical city of the Hindu religion- Indraprastha was built here, by Pandavas and the fort was the famous assembly hall, mentioned in the epic Mahabharat. It is also believed that the king Humayun met his end by tumbling down the steps of his library within the fort. Situated in the heart of the city and boasting of idyllic and a serene panorama, the fort radiates romantic vibes and is frequented by couples to enjoy some moments of solitude.

The gigantic citadel has three entrances and is surrounded by a moat, which is now used for boating. The lush green lawns graciously blessed with several shady trees are a haven if you are looking to spend some quiet time in the summers. The fortress constructed in traditional Mughal style and ornamented with rich embellishments attracts history buffs and archaeology enthusiasts day in and day out. In addition to this, Purana Qila hosts a light and sound show on “the seven cities of Delhi”, every evening, which is very popular among the tourists. The show highlights the evolution of New Delhi from Indraprastha.